Attack on Titan Eren Yeager Real Action Hero Exclusive Figure

by Medicom
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Product Description

After watching Attack on Titan I just knew I had to start my own collection. This figure will give you all the detail and stunning beauty of the anime that your collection deserves. 

Relive all of your favorite scenes from the hit anime series Attack on Titan with the Real Action Hero, Eren Yeager. Standing approximately 12 inches tall, featuring multiple facial expressions, and a realistic cloak of the Scout Regiment give this figure a level of detail that brings your collection to life. No collection is complete without Eren Yeager or his counter part Mikasa Ackerman.


  • Eren Yeager Action Figure
  • Optional Facial Expression Accessories
  • Optional Hair Accessories
  • Optional Hand Accessories
  • Scout Regiment Cloak
  • Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear
  • Exclusive Key to the Basement