Inari Kon Kon Complete Series + OVA Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack


Product Description

Inari is a sweet and shy middle school girl with a HUGE crush on Tanbabashi, one of the cutest guys in her grade. But she's not smooth enough to tell him how she feels, and every time she tries, things just keep getting worse! That is, until one day she saves an injured fox struggling on a riverbank. To Inari's surprise the fox turns out to be the familiar of Uka, the beautiful goddess of the Inari shrine. As thanks, Uka grants Inari the power to shape-shift, and Inari uses her newfound powers to attempt to win over Tanbabashi. Unfortunately, love isn't as simple as changing forms, and to make matters worse, the spirit world is none too pleased about Inari's divine powers!


  • Includes the Never-Before-Broadcast OVA Episode
  • Pub Fox Theater: Episodes 01-09
  • Commercial Collection
  • Promotional Video
  • Textless Songs
  • U.S. Trailer


  • Rating:  TV PG
  • Languages:  Japanese
  • Subtitles:  English
  • Number of Discs
    • Blu-Ray:  2
    • DVD:  2
  • Number of Episodes:  11
  • Total Run Time:  275 minutes
  • Format
    • Blu-Ray
    • DVD
  • Region Code
    • Blu-Ray:  A
    • DVD:  1